2020-06-09 ANNOUNCEMENT:

Fiction Foundry has voted to move our physical meetings to virtual ones via ZOOM.

BEERS WITH WRITERS will resume meeting in the Colorado Springs, Colorado area for in-person socialization post-COVID.


Fiction Foundry is a group of writers, editors, and layout artists coming together to share their work for final peer feedback with the goal of attaining professional publication for every member.

Fiction Foundry’s membership recognitions received since the group’s inception in 2012:


From the April 27th, 2019 Mountain of Authors event in Colorado Springs, Colorado. Fiction Foundry’s members have published all of these (with the exception of four) since 2012.




"Cravings" by J.T. Evans | "Planet of the Hungry" by P.L. McMillan | Editors: Hollie & Henry Snider

Published December 11, 2020

Hunger that changes you…consumes you…turning you into a nightmare version of what you once were. From desolate snowy mountains and apocalyptic wastelands to New York’s sex clubs and virtual encounters, Denver Horror Collective brings you, dear reader, visions of horror inspired by the Wendigo.

With an introduction from Owl Goingback, authors treating you to this plate of delicacies include Wrath James White, Steve Rasnic Tem, Dana Fredsti, R. Michael Burns, Angela Sylvaine, Ian Neligh, P.L. McMillan, Michael Aloisi, Amanda Headlee, Joy Yehle, Ross Baxter, K.D. Webster, Ray Zacek, Elana Gomel, Marlin Bressi, Brenda S. Tolian, J.T. Evans, and Christophe Maso.

So sit back and take a nibble to satisfy your cravings. Better yet, devour these pages and be CONSUMED by what’s inside.



"Gemini Syndrome" by P.L. McMillan

Published November 17, 2020

Strange lands in fiction stretch from deep below the earth, to the outer reaches of space. This incredible new collection combines the talents of a new generation of writers with classic and ancient storytellers: from H.G. Wells to Edgar Allan Poe, Daniel Defoe to Jules Verne. Find here too the Land of the Lotus Eaters from Homer’s Odyssey and the mad horrors of H.P. Lovecraft, the utopian fantasies of Samuel Butler and, from Hans Christian Andersen an early fantasy about visiting the moon. ‘Strange Lands’ is fabulous collection of enduring and brand new tales.



"A Memory in Perylene Red" by P.L. McMillan | "Room Service" by Henry Snider | "Monitored" by Henry Snider | "Stowed Away" by Hollie Snider

Published October 19, 2020

Come aboard the ship, the All Powerful. Join the very rich and famous in a joyful escape from the newest sickness that’s coursing through nations and lives worldwide. Escape Red Lungs in style. In luxury. Coddled and served by a cadre of young, attractive and well-trained staff.

Red lungs, Covid-21, the Dreaming Disease. It starts with precognitive dreams, spins you into unreality along with the sniffles until it floods your lungs with blood. But if you’re rich enough, you may sail to safety in splendor.

With an exclusive invitation from one of the world’s richest man you too can escape the anxiety of the newest developing pandemic in style. Wait, those faint smears on the corridor’s wall, blood?

Be entertained by Country star sensation Sweet Dew Dewsome, Hip Hop/rapper extraordinaire SlrFlare and the Great Mollum, extreme magician. But is that a muffled scream you hear in the darkened auditorium?

Boutique wines from the famous vintner Dale Morton winery will accompany exquisite and plentiful gourmet meals. Are those wet coughs you hear behind you?



"The Rathwick Ritual on Sentinel Hill" by P.L. McMillan

Published August 2, 2020

The story is about a woman visiting the small town of Rathwick. Bored, she follows some townspeople out onto Sentinel Hill in the middle of the night…and soon grows to wish she hadn’t!



"That Which the Ocean Gives and Takes Away" by P.L. McMillan

Published June 9, 2020

A seaside tale of Lovecraftian dread to buoy up your week.



"After Hours" by Henry Snider

Published May 21, 2020

The door to the beyond is open and the other side might lead to your termination. Enter the working world again in this second collection of award winning horror told from 12 authors as they tell you about demonic deliveries, conniving coworkers and terrifying technology.Corporate chaos awaits on every page and get both volumes so your work day is filled with nightmares.



"Mrs. Rumtifusel's Coat" by P.L. McMillan

Published May 13, 2020

B is for Beasts, the second book in an epic series of twenty-six horror anthologies. Within these pages you will find a collection of thirteen stories from some of the finest independent writers on the scene today. From oversized bugs to Kaiju, vicious woodland creatures to giant spiders, B is for Beasts contains a range of terrifying stories in which the humans are always the prey.



"Thursday Night" by Henry Snider

Published May 13, 2020

B is for Beasts, the second book in an epic series of twenty-six horror anthologies. Within these pages you will find a collection of thirteen stories from some of the finest independent writers on the scene today. From oversized bugs to Kaiju, vicious woodland creatures to giant spiders, B is for Beasts contains a range of terrifying stories in which the humans are always the prey.



"Trophies" by Henry Snider

Published May 7, 2020

Ghost Stories for Starless Nights is an anthology of 22 chilling tales featuring ghosts and the things in the dark that haunt the afterlife. From restless spirits and wayward souls to the darker, more deceptive entities that lurk in these pages, there is sure to be a tale for every lover of ghost stories. Perfect for a starless night, a crackling campfire, a dark corner, or the bright of the day. Settle in and let these creative minds take you on a journey you won’t soon forget.



"The Vessel" by Henry Snider

Published May 1, 2020

More Cthulhuvian thrills from the modern day heirs of the Lovecraftian legacy!

This issue includes fiction from David Riley, CM Fields, CP Webster, Cameron Walker, Evan Roenhausen, Carlton Herzog, Henry Snider, Mike Lee, Ben Scotti, Lee Clark Zumpe, Dean Wirth, Sergio Palumbo, and Mathew Chabin.



"Thursday night" by Henry Snider

Published April 17, 2020

For as long as people have been on this planet, we have been the dominant species; even going so far as to tame the wild animals and bring them into our houses.
That is about to change.

The furry friends we think we know, (along with the scaly and aquatic too) are here to remind us that we have every reason to be frightened of what they are capable of.

With twenty stories featuring themes of psychic parrots, zombie hamsters, dangerous dogs and so much more, this collection from Emerald Bay Books will make you think twice about letting your favorite pooch sleep in the same bed.



"Rising Water" by Henry Snider

Published April 7, 2020

Savage sirens, selkies, sailors, serpents, suckers, and sea monsters.

What miracles can one hundred debut to bestselling authors do with 100 words?



"Someone to Watch Over Me" by Henry Snider

Published February 12, 2020

Celebrating 100 years since the Roaring Twenties, come with us on a look back at the jazz era. Historical stories with dark and terrible twists – the speakeasy girl with two mouths, Mafia gangs with secrets more sinister than history suggests, bloodthirsty flappers, dark tales from the Depression, and many more.

ALL PROFITS from TWENTY TWENTY will be donated to the following organisations who are providing emergency veterinary care, etc to wildlife in the affected bushfire zones;

~NSW (New South Wales) WIRES
~Zoos Victoria



"Songbird" by Henry Snider

Published January 17, 2020

SOLITUDE features 16 tales of horror exploring what it means to be truly alone and forsaken. It might be the end of the world, a psychotic break, or a situation so bizarre and isolating that there are barely words to describe it, but what they all have in common is isolation, left to fend for yourself in these and many more terrifying situations.

Featuring stories by: Robert Allen Lupton, Jon Douglas Rainey, Craig Crawford, Jeremy Thompson, Henry Snider, Tim Mendees, M.J. Mellor, Stuart Conover, Edward Winkle, Scotty Milder, Tabitha Gidcomb, Richard Beauchamp, David M. Donachie, Tim Jeffreys, Watt Morgan, and Mike Kanner.



POISON IN THE BLOOD: Glory is Poison Book 1

Katy L. Wood

Published August 11, 2020

Dustin Lockwood would give anything to find his little sister Shae ten years after she was kidnapped.

Shae Lockwood would give anything not to be found.

Their family has been in hiding for over ten years from the coven where the Lockwood parents used to be famous and beloved actors. If the world finds out where they are, the fallout for the family could be catastrophic. But whose lies are the ones putting everyone in danger?



Morgen Leigh

Published February 14, 2020

Two boys fighting for salvation. A deranged mother bent on domination. A final confrontation that will drag them all into the abyss.In the small Oregon town of Cutters Grove, two friends lock horns as their lives speed in different directions. Eighteen-year-old Alex has it all figured out. An excellent student and violin prodigy, Alex is Juilliard-bound, his future bright. But the shocking suicide attempt of his best friend Joe spins Alex’s well-ordered life out of control.In an attempt to save Joe, Alex embarks on a harrowing journey into their shared past, where he digs up hard truths, exposes raw memories, and finally shoulders his long-abandoned guilt. While Alex struggles to hold his world together, Joe’s monstrous shadows grow over them both, pulling Alex into a dangerous and surreal world of Joe’s making.Locked in a war of wills, Alex must face his final choice: sacrifice his soul to save his friend…or allow Joe’s demons to consume them both.



W.J. Cherf

Published March 28, 2019

With magic there are always unintended consequences……Only a high-adept can minimize them, but even then mistakes are still honestly made. Hallowed Promises is about such unintended consequences, about mistakes made, and the lengths that people will go to in order to right their wrongs.Pride, ego, peer pressure, and disrespect for long-standing traditions can all play a role on the dramatic paranormal stage, just as the rigid adherence to the status quo stifles natural creativity and innovation.Hallowed Promises is the fourth stand-alone book in W.J. Cherf’s series entitled, Adventures in Paranormal Archaeology. It is a thoughtful tale of archaeological discovery, coven espionage and high-diplomacy, and lost love. Once again the Austrian Egyptologist Erik Reissen plays his part, as does the beautiful Egyptian witch Melaina Makris and her husband J.J. Stone, the TIIIS Lictor of Magic and carrier of the First Soul of Creation. As always, the forces of CMES lurk about to muddy the waters, but this time one of their brethren contributes to a potentially positive outcome for the future.



J.T. Evans

Published March 12, 2019

Marcus Barber, the immortal Roman centurion, must rescue his friend, Eddie, from maniacal mercenaries hired by his former lover, Joelle. In addition to saving Eddie, Marcus must also track down the location of the Egyptian Ancient, Apep, and rescue him from a cult attempting to use his essence to poison the Riverwalk area of San Antonio. All the while, he continues his quest to find his father, and has a side gig of stealing corporate documents for a white-collar espionage job.



Kevin Ikenberry

Published March 6, 2019

Lew Armistead Holmes’ life was about to get better…much better. Part of the crew of the salvage ship Remnant, she just got a contract to go further into space than she’s ever been before, to retrieve a satellite that is so big it will take two ships to bring it back. The payday is equally large, and her share is big enough to get her off Remnant and away from her peculiar captain and his secrets.

Unfortunately, the captain of the other ship tasked to the job harbors a grudge against Remnant’s commanding officer from the last time the two worked together on a project. Separately, they are each like dynamite—ready to go off at any time. When they’re together, it’s like lighting the fuse.

But the payoff on the unknown satellite is huge, leading both crews to wonder what the satellite holds, and what they aren’t being told about it.

Both crews must work together to bring the satellite back to Earth, but there are plans within plans, and no one is exactly who the others think they are. Who will come back with the satellite at the end of the mission…and who won’t come back at all?