Amity Green

Amity Green grew up in the mining town of Victor, Colorado. As a teen, Amity raised horses and developed a love of fauna and flora of the Rocky Mountains. She worked as a raft guide on the Arkansas River in her home town and later worked as a truck driver at the mine in Victor. Amity resides in a Victorian neighborhood in mountainous Manitou Springs. She started writing at the age of 19 and is now a published author of urban fantasy novels and several anthologies with fellow horror and fantasy writers. Her novel SCALES, which was created when she studied in London, wins 5 Star reader reviews. Amity’s current work in process is PHANTOM LIMB ITCH, a companion novel in her gargoyle series about Tessa Marie Conley; the Austin teen who was trapped in a world of dark magic in the United Kingdom.


2016 BestIndie BookFinalist 




The Witcher Chime


by Amity Green


ISBN-13: 978-0692705858


In 1922 and in 1988 a deadly, possessive entity imprints on members of the same family, ancient as Genesis and determined to remain free. Savannah Caleman is the latest object of obsession in this chilling, historical tale of haunted legacy and terror. Savannah Caleman’s family has been coming apart since the early 1920’s. After a horrific suicide by their great aunt, the Calemans sell off the family ranch, hoping to leave the stigma of insanity behind and gain a fresh start at a property known by locals as “The Witcher Place.” Days after the move, Savannah’s father isn’t himself and her mother grows increasingly distant. Her little brother, Chaz, is forced out of a second story window by a being that makes Savannah question her sanity for the first time. Her mother takes Chaz and flees the state. Savannah and her younger sister, Molly, are chased home by a mountain lion but when Savannah turns to look back, the cat has transformed into a man. Their father’s behavior takes a more serious twist as horror abounds and Savannah turns to distant relatives for answers, fearing the insanity is real and has spread. Her father is no longer in control. Armed with a shotgun, Savannah is forced to protect herself and her sister. The evil plaguing her family dons a suit and tie and introduces himself, giving Savannah an ultimatum. She must decide between her sister’s safety and aiding a monster that can’t be identified as either an angel or a demon. Either way, Savannah is torn, and takes to single-handedly running the family affairs with precision as she takes care of her sister. The Witcher Place is transformed to her liking using family money. Distractions are only that. Releasing a monster to roam at will isn’t a stellar option, no matter the promises it makes. The stain of murder and torment cannot be erased. He has fallen, been shackled, and now has plans to rise once more using Savannah as the key to regain grace.




Scales: Book One of the Fate & Fire Trilogy


by Amity Green


ISBN-13: 978-0692504208


Tessa Conley isn’t ready to go back home to Austin when her summer course in London comes to an end. She gets her wish as she steps into a new world of urban fantasy and mystery when she is transformed into a living gargoyle, complete with wings and a tail. Mostly human by day and gargoyle by night, Tessa is not alone in her new world with other gargoyles in the bookstore she now calls home. Bree, her best friend from Austin, is kidnapped and held in the UK. Tessa uncovers the mystery of her birthright, and learns what kind of monster she’s become in order to save her friend... if she can survive the horror her new life holds in store.



Fiction Foundry Presents: ONE


Edited by Amity Green and Henry Snider


ISBN-10: 0692413790

ISBN-13: 978-0692413791


ONE…woman pays the ultimate price for a new form of macabre art.

ONE…vote decides the fate of a mall shooter under citizen’s arrest.

ONE…inventive student tries to save his beloved professor in a meddler’s race against time.

ONE…newly-discovered archaeological site in South America holds more than just artifacts for treasure-seekers.

ONE…girl, anxious to have Santa arrive, decorates her tree in a way the neighborhood just can’t seem to look away from.

ONE…erotic indiscretion at a friend’s wedding leads the duo from passion to terror.

ONE…man reasons with his heart to accept what a battered Earth holds in store.

ONE…home for troubled children imprisons siblings, forcing them to enjoy all the finer things in life.

ONE…bullied teenager escapes into a bookstore and discovers some tomes are doorways to more than just the imagination.

ONE…couple learns that in an isolated town religion isn’t a choice, it’s the only option.