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by B.T. Clearwater (Chris Barili)

Released July 25th, 2017


ISBN: 978-1682613085



Annie Brown's life could use some renovation. If only her dead mother would let her happy ending happen...


Annie's in trouble at work, her ex-boyfriend is stalking her, and she's just inherited her late mother's dilapidated Victorian home in Denver. The last thing she needs in her life is a man ... but when handyman Mike Tolbert comes to fix her dishwasher, all that changes.


Mike doesn't exactly need the distraction of a relationship himself. A combat veteran of the Iraq war, Mike suffers from post-traumatic stress disorder. His wife left him, and he's struggling to make ends meet while still providing for his young daughter. Yet something about Annie snags his heart and he finds he cannot walk away from her.


As Mike and Annie build a relationship, they discover Annie's late mother hasn't exactly left the house – and she's certainly not leaving them alone. In fact, she's more than willing to cross the barrier between the worlds to control her daughter's life.


With the ghost of her mother haunting them, Mike and Annie face his PTSD, her troubles at work, legal battles over the house, and a deadly plot to force Annie out of her childhood home as they fight to keep their love alive.




Released August 7th, 2017


ISBN: 978-1546526216


Welcome to another exciting anthology from the HORROR SOCIETY!


Meeting these authors in everyday life you would never know how terribly warped they are. This book represents the moment these authors turned to the dark side. These are their first stories.


All are committed to making the world darker than they found it. Reading these stories, the authors will introduce you to the unspeakable, the horrific, and the most twisted of individuals. Upon completion of this book you will not be the same. You may view the world differently. You will begin to question the actions and the intentions of those around you. The simplest of decisions will become uneasy for you, fear will assist in your decisions to cross the street in fear of on-coming strangers, or prevent you from entering an elevator with others. You will live your life differently.


Witness generations of beginnings, from our veterans to today’s newest authors. All will not disappoint in quenching your thirst for horror.




(contains WERHEKAU by Hollie Snider, and THE VESSEL by Henry Snider)