Jennifer Caress

Jennifer Caress is a Colorado native who currently lives in Southern California with her husband, mother-in-law, and arsenal of animals, though she dreams of once again seeing four distinct seasons throughout the year, from a place where the sound of bass coming from a home or vehicle isn’t anyone’s mating call. A girl can dream.She writes from any mess of genres including dark fantasy, horror, supernatural/paranormal, and dabbles in science fiction. She has recently begun writing her memoirs and hopes to have them completed sometime in the next 20 years or so, give or take.





The Return of Spring-Heeled Jack


by Jennifer Caress


ISBN-13: 978-0985882976


Spring-Heeled Jack is a British urban legend, first appearing in 1837. Eye witnesses tell of a man who could leap several stories in the air with little effort. Some say he could breathe blue fire, others say he lured women out of their homes and attacked them by clawing at their faces. By all accounts he was a thief and a menace. Sightings of Spring-Heeled Jack continued for several centuries and crossed numerous continents, but he has been mysteriously absent from the 21st century.

Until now.


Spring-Heeled Jack breaks into the houses of two women, brutally attacking them both. Police report that a few items from each house were stolen and neither women were critically injured. His appearance is frightening: dressed in all black with hat, full face mask, goggles, cape, shirt, pants, and boots. He then breaks into an antique store, searching for special items for their energies including a rare glass knife. With the correct combination of objects and energies, Jack can open portals to different times and places. Enter Alice, who works at the store. Jack suspects she herself can open portals and the two develop an unlikely alliance in a search for a portal to a mythological utopia.

Blood of the Broken


by Jennifer Caress


ISBN-13: 978-1600763144


Max was a successful actor who had achieved fame with a hit television show, but that was a long time ago. Once the show was canceled the fame faded quickly and eventually people stopped asking “Whatever happened to…” Auditions were hard to get and roles were even harder to land, so when he was offered a part in an independent movie Max knew he had to work hard to re-establish himself as a talented character actor. He had to make the murderer in the script come to life.


Perverted Realities


by Jennifer Caress


ISBN-13: 978-0976542650



Sammy wants to be a cartoon character and live in the cartoon realm forever, but that isn’t as easy as it sounds. One cartoon in particular will do whatever it takes to keep Sammy out for good.

Dragging Wings


by Jennifer Caress


ISBN-13: 978-1600761171


“…the cause lives on, immortally.” Strange occurrences happen in the small town of Arcacia all the time, and her residences wouldn’t have it any other way. Sammy and Frankie are Arcacia’s most paranormally active residents and within these pages you will see how they can teach anyone to believe… Thomas Manner was never given his just due in this word. Thomas Manner had gone unrecognized by everyone…until recently. When Sammy offers him friendship, Thomas Manner is skeptical. When a stranger from far away offers him friendship, Thomas Manner is intrigued. His ship, quite literally, has come in. Forgetting the past isn’t the same as healing from the past. When Dandi and her best friend Starla wake up in the park with no recollection of how they got there, Dandi’s only clues come from dark and troubled memories she had long since buried. Sammy and Frankie help the two ladies uncover their missing time, and help reveal whether their recent memories were stolen, or given away freely. In Perverted Realities, Sammy and Frankie went on a dangerous trek to try and find their missing friend, Cree. They weren’t in time to save her, but her death opened up many questions, including just who is the dominant species on Earth. With a group of friends they have been searching for the answers ever since. Little do they know, a new ally is on his way… Cree’s brother has been given just one chance to find the answers of her untimely death and avenge her murder. What happens during his long journey to Arcacia is nothing short of fate in motion. Dragging Wings is the second installment of the Perverted Realities series.