J.T. Evans

J.T. Evans arrived on this planet and developed into an adult in the desolate, desert-dominated oil fields of West Texas. After a year in San Antonio, he spent a year in the northern tundra of Montana. This year-long stint prepared him for the cold (yet mild compared to Montana) climate of the Front Range of Colorado.


He has thrived in The Centennial State since 1998 with his lovely Montana-native wife and rapidly growing son. He primarily pays the bills by performing computer security and other technocentric duties. Like most writers, he dreams of earning enough income via publications to drop the day job and prosper.


J.T. rekindled his love for writing with his discovery of the Colorado Springs Fiction Writers Group in 2006. He was the president of the organization from January 2009 to January 2013. Even though he’s no longer part of the CSFWG, he has continued writing and expanding his knowledge of the business and craft.


J.T. is also a member of Pikes Peak Writers, which he joined in 2008. J.T. was elected the vice president of PPW in January of 2013, and stepped into the role of president of PPW in September of the same year. He resigned from this role in April of 2017.


When not flinging code at the screen or throwing words at the wall, he enjoys role-playing games, homebrewing, Cub Scouts with his son, and avoiding anything related long walks on the beach.


For more details about why he writes, what he likes to write, and similar topics, refer the other pages that he has created.



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