Katy L. Wood

Katy L. Wood is an author and illustrator who lives in varying areas of Colorado with her two cats, Rumble and Rebel. She is the oldest daughter of the youngest son of a huge Colorado family that has been in the state for generations, and she has always been fascinated by the history and dynamics of people in the Colorado Rockies.


The majority of her childhood was being handed a bear-whistle, pushed out the door into the forest, and told to be back for dinner. Occasionally she would have cousins with her, occasionally she’d be alone. There were many adventures to creepy abandoned trailers with bones in the front yard (which she learned as an adult were not actually abandoned, making them ten times creepier), up creeks while making rudimentary maps, and into old mine shafts. Honestly, it is probably a miracle she survived long enough to write this book.




Bound by Kin


by Katy L. Wood


Dustin Lockwood would give anything to get his sister Shae back. He has spent the ten years since she went missing desperately searching for any sign of her in the thousands of abandoned towns scattered around North America but has found nothing. He made himself a warrior in the process but kept it all from his extensive family, feeling that if they knew what he was doing to find her they would try to stop him. When he returns from another search for evidence of what happened to her he and his brother Russell are attacked and nearly killed just inside the boarders of their settlement, a place that is supposed to be safe from the vampires that now rule the world. But the attack may--unexpectedly--do more good than harm when it provides Dustin with a perfect lead for getting Shae back.


Except Russell found the lead first.


He knows what Dustin is going to do, and he isn't going to let him do it alone. They both set off to find Shae but once they do Russ quickly discovers this is not the twelve year old little girl their family lost....