Welcome to the Fiction Foundry Saturday Group’s information page.

This group meets on the third Saturday of each month from 1230-3:30 in


. in Colorado Springs, Colorado. At meetings members orally critique, discuss, and brainstorm plot, characterization, storylines, etc..

Benefits to the Saturday group include:

  • Once Per Month Meeting Date – allowing more time to critique submitted works, and for members to have time to work on their individual works.
  • Larger Submission Size – Since the group meets less frequently, submissions up to 50 printed pages are allowed, allowing authors to receive larger in-depth critiques in a single chunk.
  • Food & Drinks Allowed – Food and non-alcoholic drinks may be brought to the meeting.
  • At our Saturday meetings, members offer critiques on submitted works. Since the group only meets once per month we strive to ensure a relaxed environment for members to unwind and socialize not only within, but outside of the monthly meeting group structure, as well.

Questions regarding specific group dynamics, or visiting/joining Fiction Foundry may be answered “HERE.”