Saturday virtual Group

Welcome to the Fiction Foundry Saturday Virtual Group’s information page.This group meets on the second Saturday of each month from 6-9PM Pacific time in Google Hangouts. At meetings members orally critique, discuss, and brainstorm plot, characterization, storylines, etc.. Benefits to the Friday Virtual group include:


  • Google Account Required – This group meets on Google Hangouts, which requires a Google account.

  • Webcam With Audio Required – Fiction Foundry groups focus on face-to-face critiques whether in the physical or virtual environment.

  • Once Per Month Meeting Dates – allowing more time to critique submitted works, and for members to have time to work on their individual works.

  • Approx. 10,000 word Submission Size – Submissions are limited as “approximate” to ensure we get a complete scene/story/chapter for review from members. For instance, a group member has a chapter that’s 11,219 words, they would submit the entire chapter. However, if there’s a better scene break on at the 9,300 word mark they would limit the submission to the lower word count.

  • Submission Format - Submissions are made in RTF, PDF, DOC, or DOCX formats.

  • Submission Return Formats - Submissions are returned in either RTF, DOC/DOCX, or PDF formats.

Questions regarding visiting and joining the group may be answered “HERE.”


Meeting Dates & Times



The Saturday Virtual group meets on the second Saturday of each month on Google Hangouts. The U.S. timezone meeting time is as follows:


Pacific: 6:00PM

Mountain: 7:00PM

Central: 8:00PM

Eastern: 9:00PM

Saturday virtual Group