Shelly wright

As a young, vicious reader, Shelly spent most of her time, either in the restricted reading section of the library, or scribbling away in journals.


Shelly’s first novel A Light into the Darkness earned a Puddly Award in 2013 and in 2015 was nominated for Family Fiction's top ten books.  In 2016, she completed and published her third novel in the Twisted Roots series and started teaching creative writing classes at High Country Home Educators.


Current project she is working on is an apocalyptic romance which can only be described as a cross between Left Behind and Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome.


Shelly lives in Colorado with her husband Tim, three daughters, two dogs, and three guinea pigs.




Legacy: Twisted Roots #3


by Shelly Goodman Wright


ISBN-13: 978-1683333777


Hunter stopped just shy of the cobblestone path. He wrapped his arms around me. "Not much longer," he whispered. "You won't be confined to the property."

"And why is that?"

Jessica's longtime dream has always been to visit all the places she had read about. Knowing demons surrounded the protected grounds, she is completely surprised when Hunter whisks her far away from the Okefenokee Swamp to show her the world. But Davior's warning to not leave the compound echoes in her mind.



The Lost Scrolls: Twisted Roots #2


by Shelly Goodman Wright


ISBN-13: 978-1632682307


Three scrolls. Three continents. Three demons in pursuit. Jessica wants nothing more than to stay on the protected grounds of the Okefenokee Swamp and plan her wedding, but the spirit of her dead father has other plans and leads her to a wooden chest. Inside the battered antique, an old secret is uncovered, sending Jessica on the adventure of her life. Demons on her trail, an unexpected red-haired rival wanting her dead, and the heartache of leaving her fiancée, overshadow Jessica's desire to unravel her twisted family tree.


A Light Into the Darkness: Twisted Roots #1


by Shelly Goodman Wright


ISBN-13: 978-1618622105


"I want to tell you something now. I need you to listen closely and don't forget. I'm not sure how much time I have." He stopped again and shook his head at the sky. He then pointed out a vivid star high above them in the moonless sky. "There are magical places that exist in this world, Jess, places the master architect created to balance good and evil. The time will come when you will leave this house and enter into another life that awaits you.  A life you deserve with a greater purpose. You don't know how special you really are."


Jessica's sole priority for the past thirteen years has been to keep her father alive in the hope he will wake up from his coma and save her. Threatening to cut off his life support at any sign of independence, her mother has controlled her life, even to the point of an arranged engagement to Seth, whom Jessica fears even more than her mother. When Jessica accepts this most outrageous demand yet and then discovers her father has 'passed away' anyway, she knows she has to escape.


She runs until she is lost and bewildered in a Georgia swamp, where she discovers the existence of the wonderful place her father hinted at to her when she was only a child. In this magical, unreal world, just as she begins to discover the truth about her twisted family roots, three young men set their eyes on Jessica.


One will win her heart,

One will try to steal it,

One will try to kill her.