P.L. McMillan New Fiction Foundry V.P.

P.L. McMillan

P.L. McMillan

Fiction Foundry Vice President

I want to also welcome Pamela Lynn as the new VP of Fiction Foundry. With current events and the group growing as a whole, I have not been able to keep up as a single person, which has lead to this decision. She has already been doing some of the responsibilities of this position, and will continue forward as such. Pam will be the lead on Discord, and event planning such as a potential story night in the near future (more on that coming on Discord, updates will be posted here as well as details are ironed out). Events are being planned via discord as it offers the best options for voting on dates/times that work for people, join the discord to be heard on what days/times that work best for you!
If I am unavailable for any reason, please reach out to Pam and either she will handle the issue, or find a way to reach me so it can be taken care of.

Fiction Foundry Adds Discord

Fiction Foundry has opened a Discord! The Facebook page will continue to run as usual, but we wanted to add the chance for some more interaction with our members amongst each other in a bit more of a streamlined setting where there’s channels for helpful writing tips, chatting, and potential meeting areas if needed. Link below for those interested.

P.L. McMillan Co-Editing New Anthology

P.L. McMillan is excited to announce that she will be co-editing an upcoming anthology for HOWL Society, the most active online book club and horror community to date. This will be P.L.’s debut as an editor and she will be working alongside Solomon Forse, founder of HOWL Society and fellow horror writer.

She was also heavily involved in HOWL Society’s previous anthology, HOWLS FROM HELL, which is set to release May 18th. P.L. contributed a story, as well as the cover and several of the interior story illustrations.

P.L. is incredibly excited for this new step in her writing and creative career and is looking forward to all the amazing submissions soon to come. HOWLS is open to all writers who would like to join the community, and if those writers are interested in submitting to the upcoming anthology, they will have the benefit of workshopping their story in the Writer’s Corner channel. Just click here for more information.


We’re Reopening Our News Blog

Fiction Foundry is bringing back our news blog, allowing our group to celebrate member publications, news, and other writing-related information the public-at-large.

Once we finalize a few things on the blog layout, we’ll add a link to the website’s menu.

Fiction Foundry Changes Website Hosts

Fiction Foundry Changes Website Hosts

We’ve been with our host a long…long time. With a heavy heart we felt the need to move our website to a new home.

What can be said is that there’s been no trouble rebuilding the site and everything seems to be in order. 

The site will be finalized by April 15th, 2021. However, over the next month we’ll be adding some photos and past events.