2023 Announcement

COVID may be under control, but changing to a virtual group has given Fiction Foundry members across the country. Because of this, we will continue to have virtual meetings and DropBox to share submissions and critiques. 

BEERS WITH WRITERS will resume meeting in the Colorado Springs, Colorado area for in-person socialization in the near future. Watch announcements for more information.


Fiction Foundry is a group of writers, editors, and layout artists coming together to share their work for final peer feedback with the goal of attaining professional publication for every member. Fiction Foundry’s membership recognitions received since the group’s inception in 2012:

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Fiction Foundry News

P.L. McMillan Co-Editing New Anthology

P.L. McMillan is excited to announce that she will be co-editing an upcoming anthology for HOWL Society, the most active online book club and horror community to date. This will be P.L.’s debut as an editor and she will be working alongside Solomon Forse, founder of...

We’re Reopening Our News Blog

Fiction Foundry is bringing back our news blog, allowing our group to celebrate member publications, news, and other writing-related information the public-at-large. Once we finalize a few things on the blog layout, we'll add a link to the website's menu.

Fiction Foundry Changes Website Hosts

We've been with our host a long...long time. With a heavy heart we felt the need to move our website to a new home. What can be said is that there's been no trouble rebuilding the site and everything seems to be in order.  The site will be finalized by April 15th,...

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