Christophe Maso

Christophe Maso

  • Editor – City Morgue Magazine – Feb, 2002 – May, 2015

Christophe Maso is a member of Fiction Foundry, the Denver Horror Collective, Brooklyn Speculative Fiction Writers, and he’s former fiction editor for the (now defunct) City Morgue Magazine. His novella “Scream of the Butterfly” will be published in 2022 by D&T Publishing, and his short story, “Feast of the Senses”, appears in the anthology Consumed: Tales Inspired by the Wendigo.

He lives in New Mexico with his wife, Kathy Navarrete. He’s a former infantry Marine, and he prefers to write drunk, edit sober, and read lots. When not engaged in any of those three, you can find him jumping out of airplanes, riding horses, ranging into the wilderness, playing guitar, skiing mountains, sailing boats, coding websites, enjoying the company of friends, and living as though tomorrow’s been cancelled (but just might arrive, anyway).

Latest Publication

Released 2023/11/24


"Roan's Pilgrimage"

Strange things can happen in the woods.

Sometimes they’re frightening.
Sometimes they’re funny.
Sometimes they’re just plain weird.

The authors of the Fiction Foundry writers’ critique group have taken it upon themselves to explore all the strange things that happen in the often majestic and yet often harsh woodlands.

Featuring contributions by John H. Howard, Sangita Kalarickal, Josh Snider, Carolyn Kay, Robert Lewis, Charli Cowan, Henry Snider, Shiloh Silveira, Kari J. Wolfe, Christophe Maso, and Hollie Snider, this anthology brings us out of urban life and shows a world of forest spirits, haints, mental illness, parasitic spiders, werewolves, out of control plants, evil forces, reincarnation, humans with animal ears, witches, and Lovecraftian horrors.

And all of them can be found…In the Woods.

Novels & Collections

Scream of the Butterfly

Scream of the Butterfly

Released May 12, 2022

Handsome, gifted young James Laurent has a story to tell you. His father will likely be the next governor, and his own future is bright. But James carries a dark secret–he’s a sociopath who’s done terrible things, and he doesn’t know how to love.

That is, until he meets Morgan, a strong, beautiful farm girl who captures his heart and turns his world on its ear. But Morgan harbors secrets of her own…and as James will discover, creatures far darker than he walk this earth.


Short Works