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R. Michael Burns

R. Michael Burns

R. Michael Burns is an October child with a background in theater, philosophy, and other dark arts. He is the author of the novel Windwalkers (originally published by Evil Jester Press) and more than two dozen horror, science fiction, fantasy, and other harder-to-classify short stories, including appearances in several “best of” anthologies. His essays on the craft of fiction have received accolades from Predators and Editors and have been used in college creative writing courses. A Colorado native, he taught English in Japan for nearly half a decade before returning to the United States in 2005. He currently resides in the deep dark swamps of Gainesville, Florida, with his feline familiar, Hermia, and the relentless voices in his head. More of his work, both fiction and non, can be found at

Novels and Novellas



Released August 28, 2012

When a nightmarish blizzard drives college students Nick Bookman and Robin Kelley to take shelter in a small-town Minnesota church, they are forced to confront the intimate secret that is tearing their friendship apart. The appearance of another storm refugee, Alicia Morgan, an attractive high school senior and self-described witch, arouses Nick’s interest and threatens to strain the old friends’ relationship past the breaking point. Then one of the men trapped in the church disappears in the deep of the night, and his young daughter stumbles in from the storm babbling about monsters. Only Alicia recognizes the creature from the child’s tale—a wendigo, an ancient spirit that hungers for human flesh. Soon these monsters are on the hunt, and the refugees discover they must fight not only the menace that haunts the storm, but their own darkest desires. If they cannot control their hungers, they will be consumed by them. Only the strongest hearts among the strange band of storm refugees have any hope of surviving the long dark night.


Short Works


“At the Cat Parade”