Mission Statement

Fiction Foundry is a group of experienced writers, editors, and layout artists coming together to share their work for final peer feedback with the goal of attaining professional publication for every member.

Group Dynamics

There are two positions in the group – President, and Media. All rules, major decisions, projects, etc. are handled the same way – suggestion, discussion within the group, followed by a vote.

Fiction Foundry charges $10 annual dues to their members.

The two groups meet as follows:

WEDNESDAY GROUP – meets on the first and third Wednesdays of the month (barring holidays) from 6-9PM mountain standard time  (offset UTC/GMT -6 hours) with a submission page limit for members of 25 (approx.) printed pages. (note: due to COVID, the Wednesday group is meeting virtually via Zoom. We will resume physical meetings after the pandemic).

FRIDAY VIRTUAL GROUP – meets on the second Friday of each month (barring holidays) from 6-9PM mountain standard time (offset UTC/GMT -6 hours) with submission page limit for members of 25 (approx.) printed pages.

Attaining Membership

If you’re interested in Fiction Foundry we suggest contacting us and visiting one of our “Beers With Writers” nights. Locations change regularly but events are usually from 6-8PM once-to-twice per month on any given day. This is a good way to get to know our membership in a relaxed environment. However, we are open to visitors attending a meeting should that be preferable.

Consideration for membership is a four-step process.

    • Attend one of the Fiction Foundry groups – get to know the membership and how the critiquing process works for submitting members.
    • if you like what you see at the first meeting, and want to join then you must attend three consecutive meetings before submitting a sample of your writing.
    • The membership will read your submission and critique it as if you’re a member.
    • Fiction Foundry will expect you to submit an edited version of your original submission at the next meeting. Please note, only make the changes you agree with (the point of critique is to offer opinions, not absolutes). If the group sees growth they’ll vote on your admission.
    • Membership admission is by unanimous vote.
    • If there’s not enough growth, then you may still attend and resubmit for membership in six months. For more on visiting/joining Fiction Foundry, please visit our Facebook group.

Retaining Membership

Membership retention information may be found HERE.

Beers With Writers

“Beers With Writers” allows the Fiction Foundry membership to get together in a more relaxed environment, talk about writing in general, projects they’re currently working on, or just socialize.

For more on “Beers With Writers” click HERE.